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Postdoctoral position in professor Zhou Demin/ academician Zhang Lihe’s Lab at School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Peking University

2-3 postdoctoral positions are available in Professor Zhou Demin and     Academician     Zhang Lihe's lab at School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Peking University. The laboratory is now undertaking numerous research programs, such as National Key Basic Research Foundation (2010CB912300) "Site specific labeling of proteins with genetic expanding technology", national science foundation of "RNA interference in drug target validation" and "The molecular mechanisms of oral lichen planus malignant transformation", National Major Creation of new drugs Project "The development of novel protein drugs" and "The development of new antiviral drugs against HCV",     et c. Applicants are warmly welcomed.    

1.  Recruitment requirements

l With a background in molecular biology or cell biology, and have received Ph.D. in last two years; in good physical and mental condition; no more than 35 years old, oversea research experience preferred.

l Well capable in English and having published papers in SCI journals as the first author

l Highly motivated for scientific research, of innovative and teamwork spirit, and thoroughly capable to undertake independent research

l Meeting postdoctoral management requirements of Peking University Health Science Center

2. Recruitment process

l Applicants should send curriculum vitaes, representative papers or other materials certificating applicants’ academic abilities.

l Applicants who passed the preliminary review should provide two recommendation letters (one supplied by doctoral instructor)

l Attend interview; physical examination and other relevant procedures

3. Contact Information

Contact person: Professor Zhou Demin


Tel: 10-8280-5519